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Please find below the Application Form and Landlord Reference Verification Form.


If you choose to mail-in your application or drop it in our after-hours drop-box, you must have your signature notarized on each page it appears.


The full Application Process is described below:

The Application Process


*To complete an Application you will need*:


1. Legal picture identification for all applicants (example: driver license, passport, non-driver license)

2. Social security numbers for all household members

3. Names & contact information for present & past Landlords

4. Names & contact information for present and past employers

5. All sources of income such as employment, unemployment, DHR (DSS, SSI, Section 8), inheritance distributions, retirement distributions, etc. Food Stamps do not count as income!

6. The amount ($$) of income from each source you list

7. List of Assets (bank accounts, CDs, stocks, bonds, 401K, etc.)


*Proof of all above items will not be needed until such time as you have been given a pre-Move-in appointment.* The information itself is needed to fill-out the Application.


All members of a household who are age 18 and older must fill out an Application. For example, if there are 4 people in your household that hope to move to an apartment or townhome in our community…and 3 of them are 18 years of age or older, all 3 of those “adults” need to fill-out applications.


These applications, along with possible other paperwork we may ask for, must be turned in to our office together before we start processing them.


Applications must either be signed in front of one of our Leasing Agents or, if mailed-in or dropped-off after hours in our Drop Slot, they must be legally notarized in every location your signature(s) are needed (almost every page). Incomplete applications will not be processed until properly completed.


The best way to fill out an Application for an apartment or townhome for Affinity Orchard Place is to visit our office at One Affinity Lane, Rochester, NY 14616. This way we can assist you in person if you have any questions with the paperwork.


Also, we can usually make a quick determination if you will need additional paperwork such as a Landlord Verification form (if you have previous rental history) or a Guarantor (co-signer) form (if you lack previous rental history or do not meet the minimum income requirements for Affordable Housing or have credit history that is not too bad, but not too good).


Your application goes through a process that includes a credit check, a landlord reference check, a criminal background check, a sex-offender check and a verification of employment/income and assets.


You can typically expect to hear from us with the results of your application within 2 or 3 business days after the acceptance of your paperwork.


Affinity Orchard Place Apartments follows the rules and regulations as written in Sections 242 and 36 of the Affordable Housing laws, Equal Housing Opportunities, American Disabilities Act and the Fair Housing Council. We are supervised by the NYS Division of Homes and Community Renewal and HUD.


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