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AOP Resident Portal



Thank you for choosing to make your rent payment online !

Before you go to our Resident Portal to make your transaction, you should know the following:


-This is a secure transaction

-Paying through your checking account is a free transaction

-Paying with your credit card adds a $4.95 fee to your transaction

-All online payments take approximately 3 to 4 days to post as paid to the Affinity Orchard Place system. Because of this lagtime between systems, the closer you pay to the 5th day of the month, the more chance there is you will receive a late notice in the mail...as the information crosses paths during this time.

 As long as you know you paid online before the 6th of the month, and you see the confirmation screen for your transaction immediately after completing it, you can disregard the Late Letter you may receive in the mail. Any late fees that may get posted to your account during this time will automatically be removed as the post is confirmed on our end. Thank you for using our Online Payment Portal.


Please continue to the Portal via this link: AOP Resident Portal.

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